Bed Sheet Grippers Clip Set (4PCS/8PCS)


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Say goodbye to messy, wrinkled bed sheets! Now you can keep bed sheets in place all the time no matter how you twist, turn and toss on your bed with Bed Sheet Grippers Clip Set.

These L-shaped clips can be easily installed by sliding them under your mattress and pinning down with notches. No need to lift heavy mattresses!


  • No need to Lift Heavy Mattresses!
    Install easily by attaching the L-shaped strap horizontally at the head and the foot of your bed. 100% ONE-HAND installation!
  • Keep Bed Sheets Wrinkle-free
    Hold your bed sheets tightly in place with simply by pinning them down with these clips and forget about messy bedding!

  • No Damage to Bed Sheets
    The innovative design of these clips make sure your sheets tightly stay put without causing damage to the fabric!
  • Perfect for All Beds
    Adjustable to ensure snug fitting bed sheets. Ideal for all FULL, KING, QUEEN, TODDLER or HOSPITAL bedding sets!

  • Aesthetic Design
    Only the notches are visible. The L-shaped straps are perfectly hidden under bed sheets.



  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 17.5 x 10 cm (Base), 2.5 x 2.5 cm (Buckle)
  • Color: White, Pink, Gray


  • 4pcs / 8pcs of Bed Sheet Grippers Clip Set (With buckles)


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Bed Sheet Grippers Clip Set (4PCS/8PCS)


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